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Marking of Galvanized Low Carbon Steel Hexagonal Mesh Used for Chicken Netting and Technical Checking Requirements

Galvanized steel hexagonal mesh used for chicken wire fencing has its own standard technical requirements and marking

methods. The following marking and standard requirements are applied to the machine woven low carbon galvanized hexagonal wire mesh products designed for construction, heat keeping, chicken wire fencing, etc.

What Does the Standard Marks Mean:

XD in marking of hexagonal mesh refers to the processing of weaving after galvanizing; XB refers to hexagonal wire mesh zinc plated after weaving; W refers to the mesh spacing; D refers to the wire diameter; L refers to the wire mesh roll length, B refers to the hexagonal wire mesh roll width can be made.

Detail Technical Demands for Low Carbon Steel Galv. Hexagonal Mesh Suitable for Chicken Wire:

1. The wire material for making of hexagonal mesh shall meet GB-3081-8290 standard for Hot Dipped Zinc Plated Low Carbon Steel Wire for General Uses, YB554-55 Standard for General Use Electro Galvanized Low Carbon Steel Wire, or GB343-8 General Use Low Carbon Steel Wire. The metal zinc shall meet GB470-64 On Zinc and Technical Requirements about Zn;

2. The surface shine of the hexagonal mesh for chicken wire shall be basically the same.

3. The hexagonal wire mesh roll surface curve or wave requirements: for those marked with XD, that is hexagonal mesh galvanised before weaving, it shall be max. 80mm; for hexagonal mesh marked with XB (weaving before hot dipped zinc plating), it shall be max. 100mm.

4. There shall be no breaking of wire during weaving. The breaking wire numbers shall be controlled within certain limit at checking.

5. About loose wire: There shall be no more than one piece within 15 square meters of hexagonal mesh; the horizontal length shall be max. 500mm, the vertical shall be max. 3 holes;

6. Within every square meter of wire mesh surface for XB hexagonal mesh weaving before galvanizing, the mesh holes with zinc powder shall be max. 2% of the whole mesh numbers;

7. For XB hexagonal mesh chicken netting: The zinc plating for the mesh surface shall be more than 300 G per square meter;

8. For XB hexagonal chicken wire mesh, the uniform of the zinc plating shall be tested more than twice with sulfur erosion testing, one minute per test;

9. XB woven hexagonal mesh before galvanizing: The mixing of wire shall be max. one time every 100mm vertically, shall be less than 500mm every time. 100mm under is not for checking.

Hexagonal Mesh Made of Electro Galvanized Steel Wire

XB Hexagonal Chicken Netting Meeting


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