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Mild Steel Galvanised Wire Netting

Aiji supplies galvanised hexagonal wire netting twisted out of mild steel wire in rolls. This wire netting is for chicken and rabbit fencing and suitable for the manufacture of enclosures and hutches or rabbit cages and runs.

Galvanized mild steel wire netting has the property of corrosion-resisting, oxidation-resisting and rust resisting. This chicken wire netting is used for protecting pets from foxes and cats or any other predator.  Supplied in an economical 50 metre roll length and various roll width to suit specific fencing sizes. This wire netting is also suitable for use on chicken and poultry runs and pens.

Features of Galvanized Chicken Netting, Mild Steel Materials:
1. This kind of netting is easy to use and simply tiled on the wall and construction cement.
2. Simply construction and no specific skills.
3. Withstand natural damage, corrosion resistance and bad weather affected is very strong.
4. Hexagonal wire netting can be exposed to a wide range of deformation and not collapse.
5. Specific materials and treatment has different features. Such as heavy hexagonal wire mesh, which is made of high quality low carbon steel wire. Thus keep the net tensile strength no more than 38kg per square meter. In addition, galvanized wire is coated by PVC at surface layer, then woven into hexagonal wire netting. This layer will be greatly increase the service life of the net, and through different colors to make integration with surrounding natural environment.
6. We have commonly three processing methods to make products of different features: straight twisted, reverse twisted and double twisted strengthened.
7. Materials applied for hexagonal wire mesh are galvanized iron, stainless steel, plastic coated iron wire or even brass wire.

Galvanized Iron Hexagonal Wire Netting Chicken Mesh:
Materials: Galvanized iron wire, electro galvanized or hot dipped zinc plated.

Galvanized Chicken Wire Netting 
Application: As fences, chicken wire, stucco netting, or made into gabions or baskets for protection.

Galvanized Mild Steel Mesh Netting Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine
Galvanized Mild Steel Mesh Netting Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine
Galvanised Iron Chicken Wire Netting Wire Netting Rolls
Galvanised Iron Chicken Wire Netting Wire Netting Rolls
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