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Copper Chicken Wire and brass Chicken wire

Aiji supplies various metal chicken wires including mild steel, stainless steel and copper. Copper mesh chicken wire is less popular compared with above two types. It can be made into straight twist or reverse twisted. Copper chicken wire with straight and reverse twisting is also supplied.

Material: Copper wire, brass wire, copper coated wire.

Weaving patterns: Straight twist, reverse twist, double twist
Wire diameter range: BWG14-BWG27

It has the following features:

The construction is simple, no special skills;

It can withstand a wide range of deformation, but not collapse. From the fixed thermal insulation effect;

 Excellent process on the basis of ensuring the uniformity of the coating thickness, stronger anti-corrosive;

It can save transportation costs. It can be shrunk to a small volume, and involved in a moisture-proof paper packaging, take up very little space.

We supply following popular specifications

Copper straight hex mesh, largest width possible (1in+), mill finish, 20 gauge or lower.

Sheets of copper chicken wire: 140 cm x 50 cm.

Copper chicken wire, straight twist hexagonal wire netting.

Chicken wire ( brass or copper) measuring 32.5cm x 32.5 cm, the mesh size is 0.5 per 2.54 cm or 0.5 per inch.


Copper hex chicken wire, opening 1/2"

1/2 inch Hexagonal Hole Chicken Wire Twisted with Copper Wire

Copper chicken wire, hex wire opening 3/8".

3/8" hole hexagonal chicken wire mesh

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