Chicken Cage

Made of quality woven wire mesh offering the following features:
Vertical straight angular of 90 degrees instead of the arc angular of ordinary cages, can effectively improve the vertical level of the cages. This design helps strengthening the physical flexibility and reducing the deformation. With reinforced bottom wire mesh, the chicken cage offers corrosion resistance and long service life.

Unique door design offers more kennel space, and kennel reinforcement. It can avoid the breaking of the welding and fracture, thus greatly facilitating the various operations of chickens.

High density feeding can be done with less land. And the centralized management is good for quarantine and it can reduce the incidence of poultry disease.

High-strength wire suitable for bridge engineering projects, increases the strength of the cage, its toughness, flexibility, and service life.

The latest surface treatment technology, in line with ISO14000 environmental quality system certification, increases cage surface finish, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and extends the time of uses. The reinforced isolation wire mesh and bottom wire mesh can effectively avoid feather pecking and pecking anal and egg-laying hens fatigue syndrome.

Our cage system include drinker system, feeder system.

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