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Poultry Cage

1. Poultry cage, for chicken
2. Q235, hot drawn wire welding, hot-dipped galvanized
3. A-type Layer Coop

Product: Poultry cage compose/ chicken cage.
1. Quality: hot-dipped galvanized
2 Dimension of single unit coop 1900×2060×1600 mm
3 Dimension of single coop cell 390×420×420/380 mm
4 Capacity of single unit coop 4 birds/cell×4 cells/coop×6 coops=96 birds/unit
5 The space of each bird 409.5 sq. cm each bird
Spare parts list: 6 Set cage, 3 pcs water box/or  water pressure regulator , 12 meter pipe, 24/30 pcs nipple drinker, feeder groove, support.
Packing: 20' container can packing 84 sets. 40' Hight containner can packing 200 sets.
The capability of cage is 96 chickens one set

We also have ST-390LC, it can capacity 90 birds.

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