Stucco Netting

Stucco netting normally refers to hexagonal woven wire netting for wall construction. It is a kind of light wire netting supplied in rolls.

Reverse twist weave keeps the stucco netting with high standards, uniform mesh hole, roll out flatness and dimensional stability, Red markings every 6". Specially used as reinforcement for gypsum plaster, Portland cement, masonry veneer and ceramic tile.

Stucco Netting Material: Galvanized Steel Wire

Wire Diameter: BWG 22-20

Stucco netting width: 12'', 24'', 36'', 48'', 60'', 72''

Stucco netting length: 25', 50', 75', 150', or 455'

Stucco netting aperture: 1'' and 2''

Stucco netting weight: 9kg-48kg or as required

Stucco Netting Woven Method: Straight & Reverse Twist

Feature: Galvanized before weaving. Commercial grade zinc coating to resists rust and corrosion. Reverse twist weave keep high standards, uniform mesh hole, roll out flatness and dimensional stability.

Stucco Netting fabricated process:
Drawn Wire ---> Galvanized ---> Woven---> Packing

Packaging Detail: in 20'/GP and 40'/GP, coil in skin packing, carton box, wooden box or as your required

Non-fur Stucco Netting Paperback Netting, Galvanized Woven in Rolls
Paperback Stucco Netting Woven 17 gauge /Building Paper Backing
Self-furred Stucco Netting
Stucco Netting 17G, Galvanized Woven
Stucco Netting 20G, Galvanized Woven


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