Rabbit Netting

AiJi rabbit netting is manufactured on reverse-twist looms to exceptionally high standards, roll out flatness, and dimensional stability. Integral line wires enhance stability under tension. Our woven wire netting is galvanised or plastic coated.

We supply all the following rabbit netting. If you cannot see the mesh size / heights you need, they are available to special order.

Rabbit netting is for all crop protection against rabbits. Fold-out and bury the bottom 6" in the direction of the threat for maximum benefit.

1050 x 31 x 20g (3'6" x 11/4" x 0.9mm)
1050 x 31 x 19g (3'6" x 11/4" x 1.0mm)
1050 x 31 x 18g (3'6" x 11/4" x 1.25mm)
1200 x 31 x 19g (4'0" x 11/4" x 1.0mm)

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