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18 Gauge Black Vinyl Coated Chicken Wire Mesh: Processing, Features and Roll Sizes

This black chicken wire is a kind of pvc or vinyl coated chicken wire which can last a long time as fencing materials.

Process:18 or 20 gauge galvanized core wire is woven into hex netting and then coated with black PVC material. The wire mesh goes through a high temperature heating process to finish the vinyl coating to the chicken wire.

Features: The black chicken netting has an approximate 18 gauge thickness after the pvc finished and it has a very good corrosion resistant. Inhibitors in the vinyl protect it from UV degradation. The vinyl/plastic coating has a extreme resistant to cracking, chipping and weathering as the thick coating is tightly bonded to the wire. Black color makes the mesh blend in the landscape. It would be a nice view if you use the black chicken netting for your garden. This long-lasting mesh works well in a variety of applications like surrounding the home or farm. Including bird pens and garden fence, the black chicken netting can also get a high score.

The specification of black vinyl chicken wire rolls: in roll width and length: in inch and feet:
24 inch x 50 feet, 36 inch x 50 feet, 48 inch x 50 feet, 12 inch x 150 feet, 18 inch x 150 feet, 24 inch x 150 feet, 36 inch x 150 feet, 48 inch x 150 feet, 60 inch x 150 feet, 72 inch x 150 feet, 84 inch x 150 feet, 90 inch x 100 feet.

18 Gauge Black Vinyl Coated Chicken Wire

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