Chicken Layer Cage

1. Poultry cage, for chicken
2. Q235, hot drawn wire welding, hot-dipped galvanized
3. A-type Layer Coop

Product:Poultry A-type Layer cage
1. Scope: Commercial Layers, Parenting Stocks.
2. Material:  Q235 Cold drawn wire welding
3. Features: Hot galvanized, auti-corrossive, long durability.
4. Size:
Lenght: 1980 mm
Total wedth: 2185 mm
Total Height: 1465 mm
5. Spare parts list: 6 Set cage, stands, water pressure regulator, water pipe, pipe connect, nipple drinker, feeder groove, hanger.
6. Packing: 20' container can packing 80 sets. 40' Hight containner can packing 200 sets.

The capability of cage is 72 chickens one set.
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